AVR Commands

The AVR controls the hardware such as power button and LED of the LinkStation.
It is connected to /dev/ttyS1.
  • To control the hardware, send commands to it.
  • When you push the power button or initialize button, it sends a corresponding command to the PPC.

    Commands to the AVR

    To send commands to the AVR,
    linkstation # echo -n "commands" > /dev/ttyS1

    \30\30\30\30? /www/script/melsub_diskcheck.sh sends.
    [[[[OK POWER LED blinks slowly.
    ]]]]OK A cooling fan begins high-speed rotation.
    \\\\OK A cooling fan begins low-speed rotation.
    >>>>? ppc_uartd sends them on boot.
    AAAA? ppc_uartd sends them on boot.
    CCCCOK reboot
    send them before shutdown -r now / reboot.
    EEEEOK shutdown
    send them befor shutdown -h now.
    FFFF? ppc_uartd sends them on boot.
    JJJJ? ppc_uartd sends them on boot.
    KKKK? ppc_uartd sends them on boot.
    QQQQ? ppc_uartd sends them on set timer.
    RRRR? end of clear flash memory.
    SSSS? start of clear flash memory.
    TTTTOK finish update flash memory
    stop blinking POWER, DISK FULL and DIAG LED.
    UUUUOK start update flash memory
    start blinking POWER, DISK FULL and DIAG LED.
    XXXXOK DISK FULL LED stops blink
    YYYYOK DISK FULL LED starts blink
    ZZZZOK stop POWER LED starts blink slowly.
    ggggOK DIAG LED starts 3 times blink(partition error) and shutdown.
    iiiiOK DIAG LED starts 4 times blink(problem in the cooling fan) and shutdown.
    kkkkOK DIAG LED starts 5 times blink(problem in the flash memory) and cut power(not shutdown).
    mmmmOK DIAG LED starts 6 times blink(problem in the hard drive) and shutdown.
    ooooOK DIAG LED starts 7 times blink(problem in RAM/LAN/HDD controller.) and shutdown.

    Why don't you hack the LinkStation/KURO-BOX

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