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07/07/27(金) 00:08:47 投稿者[mindbender] [No.4707]のスレッド内
【No.4707】 タイトル[acp_commander] この記事がスレッドの最初です
Type: Java Application
Firmware: All stock firmwares of arm9 based linkstations/terastations
Distribution: All stock firmwares of arm9 based linkstations/terastations

Here the link to the readme:

here the direct link to the java-jar-file:


all lsupdater.exe use the so called ACP_commands to communicate with the the arm9-based boxes. we reengineered the acp_commands and now we can execute linux commands remotely on the boxes with the stock firmwares. as all firmwares include a telnetd-binary you can start it via acp_commander and then call "passwd -d root"...telnet is started afterwards and you can connect as root directly to the shell.

it also can be used to clean up the /boot-partition (/dev/sda1) if there are any old temporary hddrootfs-files in it....this often is the reason why a acp_state_error occurs when reinstalling a firmware via the lsupdater.exe.

tested and confirmed to work on:
LS-GL aka Linkstation Pro
LS-LGL (!)
HS-DHGL aka Linkstation Live
TS-HTGL aka Terastation Pro v2
HS-DHTGL aka Terastation Live

Although the LS-LGL does not have a webinterface it is possible to get shell access via telnet that way.